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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman: Listening in the Name of Intersectionality

  Coming off the high of Ghostbusters last summer, the first Wonder Woman trailer dropped. I wrote an article about the importance of the movie to me. I dug up a story from my childhood about Wonder Woman and waxed poetic about how much this movie would mean to me. My feminism and social justice … Continue readingWonder Woman: Listening in the Name of Intersectionality

Matt Walsh Doesn’t Care About Women’s Sports

Dear Matt Walsh, Kindly take your patriarchal condescension and shove it. If I for one second ever believe that you give a flying fuck about women’s sports, please, let my friends know that I’ve been abducted by aliens. Can you do that for me, Matt Walsh? That would be awesome.  I’ve scrolled through your history, … Continue readingMatt Walsh Doesn’t Care About Women’s Sports

Casey Affleck is an Asshole

Stop defending assholes who don’t need defending This was a twitter rant this morning, if you prefer it in twitter form it’s available here: https://twitter.com/i/moments/838062488822366210 If you prefer it in essay form, here you go: Dear white folks who want to argue Casey Affleck with me… Please read this first as I’m tired of saying … Continue readingCasey Affleck is an Asshole

We Are What We Are

White people and our obsession with labels. Hello, my name is Erynn and I’m white. Oh I know, you don’t see colour. Well, I’m sure you believe that. I’m going to keep talking about it though because whether you see it or not, it’s there. Is ‘white’ an insufficient introduction? If I weren’t white, you’d already have … Continue readingWe Are What We Are

The State of White Women

The State of White Women White women, this is not another piece about how you’ve messed up. The election campaign was hard. It was hard for so many people, for so many reasons. But I want to talk about how it affected white women.

Artist’s Website

One of my assignments this semester is to create an artist’s website. As I already have one I thought it was a bit odd, but since I haven’t been using this one much I thought this might be a good time to renew the lease, so to speak. The revamp has been on-going (really, not-going) … Continue readingArtist’s Website

Write It Down

I haven’t posted in a long time, and that bothers me. I do want to write more often. I want this site to be an expression and an outlet. I want my voice to exist here and to be able to feel that I have a channel, a medium that is mine. I sometimes hold … Continue readingWrite It Down