On Money


I write, I teach, I speak.

I also manage an online community that takes up a significant amount of my time.

This does not make me rich! I’m not rolling in money. In fact, I’m a full-time student who works two jobs. Just because you read what I write doesn’t mean I make a living at it. Far from it. I don’t own any property and have so much student loan debt that I doubt I’ll ever see the sun on the other side of it.

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Sometimes people like what I have to say and they ask me to come and say it near them. I speak on a range of topics, always from a feminist lens with an intersectional framework. Also, I swear. But not in front of children. Definitely in front of adults. I speak and do workshops on communication habits, feminism, technology and people.

Because of Nice White Ladies and how I write about the construct of white womanhood I am sometimes asked to speak or provide anti-racism workshops to groups.

I am not an anti-racist trainer.


When white folks ask me to speak to white folks or white-led groups, I charge a fee. Half of the money goes directly to local black leadership as instructed by their local Black Lives Matter chapter. In the event where local black leadership cannot be identified, the donation will be forwarded to Black Women Being. This fee enables me to show up free of charge when people of colour ask for me. I am also accountable to black leadership and will adjust this process as needed so that I am never profiting from anti-racism education.

I focus on communication, people, and behaviours of white supremacy.

The work that I do does not speak for black folks and is not a substitute for accountability to black leadership.

The work that I do is not a substitute for empathetic listening or education from people of colour.

White folks are lacking in many skills that are necessary for social justice work. Such as: 

I work in communication and education and hope to help in some small way in dismantling white folks’ attitude around white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy, hetero-normativity, ableism, colonialism, imperialism, etc. When it comes to anti-racism education, I will gladly connect with PoC organizers in any area in order to ensure that my materials are moving white folks towards support and accountability. In addition, I strive to bring local organizers into the space so that systems of accountability and action can be set up with these groups. 

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns regarding payment, my materials or my intentions. I’m always happy to answer to movement leadership.