Media theory and criticism

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When Twitter Threads Fly Away

Hey folks, Twitter users, Facebook users, Tumblr users, Internet users, we’ve got a problem. I wrote a thread yesterday on why I don’t like Twitter thread compilers, and it’s been a bit more popular than I anticipated. I’ll restate some key points of the thread here in this blog, but it’s actually all part of … Continue readingWhen Twitter Threads Fly Away

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In Mother Russia… Culture Changes You

Let’s talk about Russia. Because I think there’s a real cultural difference in how we in the West understand surveillance and what’s actually happening with Russian efforts so we have a hard time believing the depth of what’s going on. A Different Kind of Culture My parents are diplomats. They were posted to Russia in … Continue readingIn Mother Russia… Culture Changes You

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Wonder Woman: Listening in the Name of Intersectionality

  Coming off the high of Ghostbusters last summer, the first Wonder Woman trailer dropped. I wrote an article about the importance of the movie to me. I dug up a story from my childhood about Wonder Woman and waxed poetic about how much this movie would mean to me. My feminism and social justice … Continue readingWonder Woman: Listening in the Name of Intersectionality

Casey Affleck is an Asshole

Stop defending assholes who don’t need defending This was a twitter rant this morning, if you prefer it in twitter form it’s available here: https://twitter.com/i/moments/838062488822366210 If you prefer it in essay form, here you go: Dear white folks who want to argue Casey Affleck with me… Please read this first as I’m tired of saying … Continue readingCasey Affleck is an Asshole