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When Twitter Threads Fly Away

Hey folks, Twitter users, Facebook users, Tumblr users, Internet users, we’ve got a problem. I wrote a thread yesterday on why I don’t like Twitter thread compilers, and it’s been a bit more popular than I anticipated. I’ll restate some key points of the thread here in this blog, but it’s actually all part of … Continue readingWhen Twitter Threads Fly Away

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In Mother Russia… Culture Changes You

Let’s talk about Russia. Because I think there’s a real cultural difference in how we in the West understand surveillance and what’s actually happening with Russian efforts so we have a hard time believing the depth of what’s going on. A Different Kind of Culture My parents are diplomats. They were posted to Russia in … Continue readingIn Mother Russia… Culture Changes You

For My Dudes: #NotAllMen, Toxic Masculinity and Being Better Bros

Hello dudes! Picture this: you’re scrolling through twitter, minding your own business, liking tweets about your favorite sports team or music artist, maybe even a funny meme or an article, and there it is…a tweet asking women about their experiences with being harassed by men. You feel that little twinge in your chest, a clutch … Continue readingFor My Dudes: #NotAllMen, Toxic Masculinity and Being Better Bros

Allyship is Just a Little White Lie

Allyship is not enough. I just came back from the Black Lives Matter Symposium in Cambridge. My friend, DiDi Delgado, a brilliant writer and truth-teller, asked me to co-facilitate the white panels with Abraham Lateiner and Debby Irving. In the process I learned something not only about myself, but about white folks in racial justice … Continue readingAllyship is Just a Little White Lie

Matt Walsh Doesn’t Care About Women’s Sports

Dear Matt Walsh, Kindly take your patriarchal condescension and shove it. If I for one second ever believe that you give a flying fuck about women’s sports, please, let my friends know that I’ve been abducted by aliens. Can you do that for me, Matt Walsh? That would be awesome.  I’ve scrolled through your history, … Continue readingMatt Walsh Doesn’t Care About Women’s Sports

Casey Affleck is an Asshole

Stop defending assholes who don’t need defending This was a twitter rant this morning, if you prefer it in twitter form it’s available here: https://twitter.com/i/moments/838062488822366210 If you prefer it in essay form, here you go: Dear white folks who want to argue Casey Affleck with me… Please read this first as I’m tired of saying … Continue readingCasey Affleck is an Asshole