Erynn Brook, when she had bangs, in a leather jacket holding the collar up just in front of her face.

Hi! I’m Erynn. I live in Toronto, Canada. Sometimes I write. I freelance around the web, and here on this blog sporadically. My writing weaves through conversations about media, people, culture, technology and anything else that pops into my world. I love talking about the way we talk about things. And my work often touches on systems of oppression, through a feminist lens heavily informed by intersectional feminist voices.

You can find me on twitter, I’m most active over there: twitter.com/erynnbrook

I’ve had a couple of viral moments in my life, you might remember me from:

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Okay, and how did you get to be who you are?

I have ADHD, which means that even though I hate folding laundry, my brain works like a database and I see connections where often others don’t. I have 20 years of experience in performing arts and acting, which is really just professional listening and empathy. My father worked in IT and communications security, so growing up I had access to all the fun toys and developed technological literacy and the ability to quickly adapt and learn new tools. My mother was a diplomat, so I can also navigate bureaucracy and red tape and speak government like a second language.

With so many intersecting interests I find myself mostly working in places that are going through change. I love creating new systems, finding the ways things work and how they can be improved. It’s just the way my brain works.

I wish Google had hired me to tell them why Google Glass was going to flop.

I’m best suited to a translator role. I’m very good at explaining people to engineers and explaining technology to people. I understand systems and organizations and poke at things that are considered “the norm”. Whether you’re looking for a workshop, a lecture or a longterm consultancy, what I do is shake up assumptions, find the weak spots and then drive for change. All change requires conversation. If you’re looking for real change and to make a difference, I’m your girl. If you’re looking to maintain the status quo or do just enough to say that you’re making change, I’m not your girl.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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