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Hi! I’m Erynn. I’m a writer living in Toronto, Canada. I write for thefullestmag.com regularly, freelance around the web, and here on this blog sporadically. My writing weaves through conversations about media, people, culture, technology and anything else that pops into my world. I love talking about the way we talk about things, and my work often touches on systems of oppression, through a feminist lens heavily informed by intersectional feminist voices.

Okay, and how did you get to be so awesome?

I’m really smart. Okay, but seriously, I have a ridiculously high IQ, which is really only useful for saying you have a high IQ. I have ADHD, which means that even though I hate folding laundry, my brain works like a database and I see connections where often others don’t. I have 20 years of experience in performing arts and acting, which is really just professional listening and empathy. My father worked in IT and communications security, so growing up I had access to all the fun toys and developed technological literacy and the ability to quickly adapt and learn new tools. My mother was a diplomat, so I can also navigate bureaucracy and red tape like a champ.

I wish Google had hired me to tell them why Google Glass was going to flop.

I’m best suited to a translator role. I’m very good at explaining people to engineers and explaining technology to people. I understand systems and organizations and poke at things that are considered “the norm”. Whether you’re looking for a workshop, a lecture or a longterm consultancy, what I do is shake up assumptions, find the weak spots and then drive for change. All change requires conversation, and I tailor my work to your needs so drop me a line below and let’s chat!


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