Artist’s Website

One of my assignments this semester is to create an artist’s website. As I already have one I thought it was a bit odd, but since I haven’t been using this one much I thought this might be a good time to renew the lease, so to speak. The revamp has been on-going (really, not-going) … Continue readingArtist’s Website

Write It Down

I haven’t posted in a long time, and that bothers me. I do want to write more often. I want this site to be an expression and an outlet. I want my voice to exist here and to be able to feel that I have a channel, a medium that is mine. I sometimes hold … Continue readingWrite It Down


The site will be going through a little bit of a redesign as I move things around. Please be patient with me!

Lazy Days

I have been extremely lazy about posting. But that should be obvious, as my last post was nine months ago. Truth be told I felt somewhat disheartened over the winter. It happens to all of us at times. And it happened to me. I can blame many things, but at the end of the list … Continue readingLazy Days

A Response to: An Open Letter to Younger Generations by David Ferry

This comment has been getting such great attention on Facebook that I thought it was only fair to repost it here. This is a response to David Ferry’s letter about the younger generation, original post here:¬†http://praxistheatre.com/2012/07/an-open-letter-to-the-newer-generations-of-toronto-theatre-artists-from-one-of-the-old-farts/ Dear David Ferry: Putting aside the fear of never being hired again, here’s my response.

Why Art is Dying

A few weeks ago I had a fantastic opportunity. I was sponsored by the CFC to go to Lean StartUp Machine Toronto, having pitched the idea of saving the arts through digital and social media means. The idea garnered a lot of interest, personal interest, not just on a business level but on a personal … Continue readingWhy Art is Dying