Write It Down


I haven’t posted in a long time, and that bothers me. I do want to write more often. I want this site to be an expression and an outlet. I want my voice to exist here and to be able to feel that I have a channel, a medium that is mine. I sometimes hold back because maybe I don’t have anything inspired or inspiring to say at the moment. But that’s not necessarily the point of this site.

I’d love to think that my writing is perfect and that every post I make is gold. I read blogs by friends who I’ve known for years and I think ‘I wish I could write like that, they’ve been blogging for x years!’

At the end of the day the difference is that they write and they write consistently, where I wait for the inspiration fairy to land on my shoulder. I’m sorry to say this, but fairies play tricks, and depending on them is about the biggest rookie mistake any self-respecting Irish-blooded dreamer could make.

So this post is a disclaimer, for myself, and for you. Not everything I write will be award winning. But I’ll write it, and that’s really all that this is about.

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