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A Response to: An Open Letter to Younger Generations by David Ferry

This comment has been getting such great attention on Facebook that I thought it was only fair to repost it here. This is a response to David Ferry’s letter about the younger generation, original post here: Dear David Ferry: Putting aside the fear of never being hired again, here’s my response.

Why Art is Dying

A few weeks ago I had a fantastic opportunity. I was sponsored by the CFC to go to Lean StartUp Machine Toronto, having pitched the idea of saving the arts through digital and social media means. The idea garnered a lot of interest, personal interest, not just on a business level but on a personal … Continue readingWhy Art is Dying

Leave of Absence

I haven’t blogged in awhile. I was pulled in eight million different directions and as I often do when I try to do too many things at once – I lost my way. Not for long, just for a little while. But I have a secret. I don’t mind getting lost. From time to time … Continue readingLeave of Absence

I Hate BS…

I do. I really, genuinely hate it. Unfortunately for me, BS seems to come in many forms now. There are even new forms of BS I’ve never seen or heard of before, popping up faster than the flies that circle them. But do you know what BS I hate most of all? Ass kissing. Since … Continue readingI Hate BS…