Awkward? Let’s talk about it.

Weaving storytelling into conversations about systems and how we change them. 

Listening, feeling, and connecting the dots.

Erynn Brook: Writer | Speaker | Educator | Feminist.

I build bridges and make connections.

Sometimes I write. Topics may change but the heart of it is always storytelling, change through stories, and how we can do better. Pop culture, feminism, representation, systems of oppression and communication are common topics I touch on.

Also, I’m pretty nerdy, so don’t be alarmed by the occasional Star Trek reference.

I believe one of the biggest problems we face is that so few of us know how to listen.

I founded Nice White Ladies – an online community dedicated to bringing white folks up to speed on the racial justice conversation in 2017. While I’m not there in a daily capacity anymore, I’m proud to say that the community is continuing to do the work.

See below for some workshops that I now teach on topics from on how to speak up for ourselves to how to make space for unheard voices.