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For My Dudes: #NotAllMen, Toxic Masculinity and Being Better Bros

Hello dudes! Picture this: you’re scrolling through twitter, minding your own business, liking tweets about your favorite sports team or music artist, maybe even a funny meme or an article, and there it is…a tweet asking women about their experiences with being harassed by men. You feel that little twinge in your chest, a clutch … Continue readingFor My Dudes: #NotAllMen, Toxic Masculinity and Being Better Bros


My Body is Not My Own #MeToo

 ((Mum and Dad: maybe don’t read this one. Love you!))   I’ve been feeling a little melancholy lately. Ever since #MeToo. I’ve had so many feelings that I haven’t really been able to sort them out. I want to put on the Smashing Pumpkins and just sink into the emotional landscape of my teenage years, … Continue readingMy Body is Not My Own #MeToo

Allyship is Just a Little White Lie

Allyship is not enough. I just came back from the Black Lives Matter Symposium in Cambridge. My friend, DiDi Delgado, a brilliant writer and truth-teller, asked me to co-facilitate the white panels with Abraham Lateiner and Debby Irving. In the process I learned something not only about myself, but about white folks in racial justice … Continue readingAllyship is Just a Little White Lie